Meeting Minutes 2013

NYAPPA Board Meeting Minutes
March 14, 2013
Rochester, NY

Attendees:   B. McHugh, M. LaPoint, N, Parvizi, G. Lischke, R. Giardine, J. Shupe, R, Britton, J. Foster, D. Foster, K. Nelson, J. Moore, K. Whang, G. Stooks, K. Thompson, J. McEnrue.
Absent:  B. Anderson, M. Frost.
Guest:  M. Cimilluca

Agenda and Discussion

  1. Welcome.
  2. Bus trip to Artisan Works:  worked out details on who was driving and who was on the bus.
  3. Treasure’s report:  Mark had forwarded a copy, all reviewed. 
  4. Meeting Minutes:   Philly in fall. Vote to pass John/Jeff ok/passed
  5. Meeting minutes:  Poughkeepsie in July.  Vote to pass Barry/John ok/passed
  6. Meeting minutes:  Cooperstown October. Vote to pass Kyu/Greg ok/passed.
  7. NYAPPA Board Openings:   discussed  how to fill the open positions all reviewed and asked for nominations, results John McEnrue to 2VP  Vote to pass Nasrin/Jeff ok/passed.

Treasurer – Mark will stay on through the convention. Secretary – John Moore, Vote to pass Nasrin/George ok/passed.   Vote to directors – Kyu Whang, John McEnrue, Mike LaPoint, and Vote to pass Nasrin/Jeff ok/passed.   Alternates – Kevin Thompson, Kim Nelson Nasrin appointed and welcomed them to the board. Greg and Maria already agreed and have been appointed.
Action needed: Barry agreed in place of Sec. to post the new officers; 2nd VP and Secretary on web and inform members for election in the fall meeting prior to May 1st according to the Bylaws.

  1. By-Laws: No updates per Barry.
  2. ERAPPA Committees updates:

Chapter Affairs:  Nasrin reported that committee has conf. calls on monthly basis, the ERAPPA strategic Plan is being reviewed.  Main items are Scholarship policies, Business Partners polices and marketing.
Membership – Jeff, need to piggyback with the Drive-in Training. Rex, had 40 attend his drive in training need to look for other locations within the state. Need AIA credit classes as well.
Pro Dev – Rex, we need to partner with vendors like other chapters do.  Barry, use NJ as the model.
Tech – Barry, Facebook and Twitter will be removed from ERAPPA and only LinkedIn will be used.

  1. ERAPPA 2013 update:  Barry/George – we have sold 76 booths 27 to go.  Finance to date is good.  Rex, we need demo graphs from ERAPPA, Yvonne will get. There was a good deal of discussion about the selecting the tracks for the Annual Meeting to be reviewed by the ERAPPA Professional development Committee during next couple of days at the MYM. The Host committee has finalized the choices. 2 hour slot SUNY track should be long enough Monday 3-5pm.
  2. Scholarship/grants:  Barry provided a draft policy and needed few action items;
    1. What will be a cap per scholarship previously was $1500. Nasrin to review this with Mark
    2. Selecting the Scholarship Committee and prepare the application form: Kevin, Jeff, John and Barry agreed to serve as committee and provide the form to be voted via email or conf. call by members.
    3. Any scholarship for the ERAPPA 2013 how many and how much; Nasrin to ask Mark about this
    4.  SUNY /PPAA will have 2 scholarships per campus (64 campuses up to 128).
    5.  NYAPPA Board members who need assistance to the conference NYAPPA will pay $750.
  3. New Business:  We need to advertise NYAPPA; all agreed Jeff to get a Banner for the convention and moving forward.   John requested to put looking into polices for Business Partners membership to NYAPPA  for the next meeting
  4. Next meeting this summer (July) in Rochester
  5. Adorned.

Minutes taken and submitted by B. McHugh