Message from the President

NYAPPA President

Greetings Colleagues and Fellow NYAPPA Members:

For the past few years we have gone through a number of board member changes with some retirements and some new additions.  These changes have given us a very solid core of leadership for which I am very proud to be a part of.

Moving forward, over the next several years we will need to continue our mission of “Focusing on the Future”.   This mission will need to be done on several fronts, first by our continued recruitment of new active members who we hope will move into leadership roles.  Secondly, we need to increase our educational awareness through our scholarship program.  With our very successful 2013 ERAPPA Convention we have the funds to sponsor new members to attend NYAPPA and ERAPPA educational tracks.  This also allows us to help subsidize Toolkit, Grounds Up and other educational courses across the state.  

Working together, I ask all active members to reach out and engage our counterparts throughout the state encouraging them to become involved in the organization. As we know, the benefits are many with education, networking, exchanging knowledge and ideas, and professional development of not only those new to this field but the seasoned ones as well.  These opportunities, many of which cannot be gained elsewhere, cannot be sustained by the actions of a few but by the continued commitment of us all.

If you have considered getting involved but have not yet done so, please contact me or any of the board members to discuss your interest. If you know of someone that may be interested please pass their name and contact information on to us and we will be sure to reach out to them.

I look forward to the next two years serving the organization and working with a great collection of our colleagues from across the state.

Paul Wurster
President NYAPPA