Meeting Minutes 2015

Date | time 10/5/2015 4:05 PM | Meeting called to order by George Stooks

In Attendance

Present: George Stooks (SUNY Geneseo), Barry McHugh (University of Rochester), Tim Cary (Ithaca College), Mike LaPoint (Nazerath), Nazrin Parvizi (SUNY Cortland), John McEnrue(SUNY New Paltz), Kimberly Nelson(SUNY New Paltz), Rex Giardine (Syracuse University), Andrew Germain (Cornell Univesity), Paul Wurster (Monroe Community College), Masoom Ali (Cornell University), John Moore (Rochester Institute of Technology), Kevin Thompson (SUNY Buffalo), Jennifer ByBee (Guest), Dereck Sylvester (Guest), Jim Chodah (Guest)

Opening Welcomes and Remarks

George Stooks opened the meeting at 4:05 pm with introductions of all present

Acceptance of Meeting Minutes

Minutes accepted. Proposed to except by John Moore, 2nd by Barry McHugh, Approved.

NYAPPA Board Members

Board Positions and Committee Assignments
NYAPPA Committee Chairs (Also serve on ERAPPA Committee where noted *)

  •  Chapter Affairs (NYAPPA President *)
  • Membership – George Stooks*
  • Technology – John Moore*
  • Scholarship – Kevin Thompson
  • Professional Development – open*

Board Positions and Elections
(Current President and Past President)
Proposed Slate –

  • President – Barry McHugh
  • 1st Vice President –open

Positions in Mid-term

  • 2nd Vice President – John McEnrue
  • Treasurer – Mike LaPoint
  • Secretary – Kim Nelson
  • George described each position’s duties as per the By-Laws.
  • We all are part of the professional development
  • John McEnrue stepping down from the Membership committee.
  • Discussion of John Moore stepping in to the Membership Committee in John McEnrue’s place

 * 1 time per month conference call w.ERAPPA and meeting in March and October conferences

  • Expenses for committee and board members are covered
  • John McEnrue described the Membership Committee duties
  • Elections were not held at the summer meeting and Nazrine proposed that we vote in President elect Barry McHugh from 2nd President to 1st President and John Moore 2nd, unanimous.

Treasurers Report

Mike LaPoint reported the treasury outlook.  Final net worth as of Oct 2015 $ 200,890.62

Chapter Affairs Committee Report

George Stooks presented report

  • Mid-year meeting March 16-19 in Niagara Falls, Ontario
  • Changes: Chairs need to be on site Wednesday
  • Open position on ERAPPA Committees: Technology, Professional Development, and Chapter Affairs

Committee Reports

Memberships (John McEnrue)

  • Describe what the committee duties are.
  • Everyone can join for free. Under the “Integrated Institutional Membership”program. (If your campus is a member of APPA you are then members of the regional and state chapters.
  • George threw his hat in to take the chair of membership, Barry 2nd, unanimous

Technology (Barry McHugh)

  • Stopped with Oglsence for the time being because of software bugs and financial bugs that the company is working through.  Will continue when they are ready.

Professional Development (Rex Giardine)

  • Rex described what the committee duties are and would like to add helpers that will assist during the summer conference that will then be able to assist for the ERAPPA Conference when NYAPPA chapter hosts.
  • Rex offered a Drive-in with Tony Ditolio at SUNY Potsdam. Currently working on AIA credits
  • Any Drive-Ins developed Rex can send in for AIA credits.
  •  Leverage business partners for drive- in workshops. They can sponsor lunch and organize.
  • Leverage their knowledge and abilities to teach at the drive ins. Program like AIA guidelines.

Supervisors Tool Kit (Barry McHugh)

  • 2 Toolkit trainers are available from Rochester to teach in the area. Would like to develop more.
  • Looking to form a committee or leader for Toolkit teachers.  Looking to develop more teachers outside of Rochester.

Scholarships (Nazrin Parvizi)

  • Certified Education Facilities Professionals (CEFP) scholarships offered on line? Is this possible for NYAPPA to have on line scholarships too?

Old Business

Business partners (All)

  • Update NYAPPA website to reflect current Officers and Executive Board.
  • Merging SUNY/PPAA and NYAPPA
  • Close to 501c3

Next Meeting

 January 25, 2016 in Cooperstown, NY
Motion to adjourn at 5:04 pm by George Stooks