Meeting Minutes 2014

NYAPPA Board Meeting Agenda
Monday, June 16, 2014
Ithaca, NY                                                                                            

  • Welcome and Introductions as needed.  None needed     

  • Approval of the meeting minutes from the Fall meeting. 
  • Treasure’s report- (Mark Frost) Attached Reports ( Attachment 1 and Attachment 2).  Mark had serious medical issue in April which left him unavailable for a long period.  The audit was in this time and it was postponed.  Back full time now and doing well.

Mark went through all of the records to account for the $$ that came in or out from the ERAPPA Conference. Accounting sheet is attached to the minutes.  Scholarships were absorbed mostly by NYAPPA.  The ERAPPA Scholarships were reported to be burdened on the Business Partner revenue.  Travel for board members was also not included in the conference expenses, it was deemed a NYAPPA board expense.

  • regular treasurer reports – Mark presented the report: summary info for June 2013 to end of May 2014.  Receipts 493,448 Checking and 150,225 savings.  Expenses 644,398 Checking.  Liabilities 0.  Balance as of $54,976 Checking and $255,289 for a total of $310,265.  This was before the check went to ERAPPA (150,000).  Income vs Expense report.   Balance Sheet:  Total Assets $365,701,  Liabilities $0.  Good financial condition going forward for the next 9 years.  Tax returns are in progress.  We will need to discuss how and how much to invest to ensure liquid assets for operation.
  • conference finances & audit – Mark provided a breakdown.  Actual Revenue was 837,738.  Budget was 844,925.  Expenses Actual total was 532,371; Budget was 544,900.  Balance was a net gain of 305,068.  Our half is 152,368.  ERAPPA received a check for their 150,000.  ERAPPA will receive the balance after this audit is fully complete.  Waiting for the formal audit report.
  • tax return time.  In progress.

Accepted Report: Barry, Bob.  Unanimously Approved.

  • Update on Grounds Up Conference (Bob Britton)
    • Difficult this time.  Not as many as when at Cornell Gardens, 36 people registered.  Wanted more.  Oswego sent 11 of the 36.  Should be good.
    • 4 Business Partners.  Quoted at 70 people attending.  With the low number we should reduce the rate.  The Business Partners only have an hour.  $550 reducing to $300.  Approved.
    • Good program with hand-on training in the garden.
    • Tough time of the year.  May want to reconsider for the future years.
  • NYAPPA Board: (George)
    • Open board positions and committee appointments.  Question about positions on the board?  Alternates are Kim Nelson, Tom Rathbone, Greg Lischke, Kevin Thompson.  Need 4 more.  Also 2 more director positions.  Current Directors are Masoon, Bob, Rex, Mike, John Schupe. KYU Whang.

Paul Wooster from MCC is interested.
Consider to move two Alternates to Directors and recruit additional alternate directors.

  • Motion to move Greg and Kevin to Director by Kyu and Nasrin.  Unanimously approved.  Current Directors are Masoon Ali, Bob Britton, Rex Gardine, Mike LaPoint, Kyu Whang, Kevin Thompson, Greg Lischke, John Schupe.
  • Motion to confirm Bridgette as a director and move John Schupe to Alternate Director.  Barry, Greg.  Unanimously Approved.   Current Directors are Masoon Ali, Bob Britton, Rex Gardine, Mike LaPoint, Kyu Whang, Kevin Thompson, Greg Lischke, Bridgette Anderson.
  • We need to recruit new members for the Alternate Director positions.  Need to determine actual names as current???/?
    • Representation for the ERAPPA Membership committee.  Jeff Foster has asked to step down as the Membership Committee member.  Volunteers were requested.  John McEnrue volunteered and appointed by the President.
  • ERAPPA Committees updates:
    •  Chapter Affairs (George) – Completed fact in January.  Newsletter is due in August.
      • Chapter Fact Sheet- Completed January 2014
      • Chapter Newsletter – Due Date? August also…..
      • Chapter Annual Report – August 1st
      • Chapter Champion- Need a nominee by August 1st.  George will send a description via email to solicit nominees.
    • Membership (Jeff)  No report.  John McEnrue has stepped as rep.
    • Technology (Barry) – Issues with the email.  Website is JUMA and is having some issues.  ERAPPA IT has converted by NY.  We lucked out.  Looking for Web Designs at UofR classes. Need for the NYAPPA web site to be updated.  Barry will pursue the web design avenue.
    • Professional Development (Rex) – Atlantic City is progressing.  Registration is slow.  Nothing new going on right now.  No participation for the SUNY/NYAPPA summer conference was requested.
  • Scholarship:  (Kevin):  Not much effort at this point.  Are we offering a scholarship for ERAPPA Conference?  REGISTRATION IS OPEN as of June 1.  Barry provided applications forms to the group,  (attachment 3).  Recommendation to offer 10 scholarships for the ERAPPA Conference ($595) using the form as provided, with awarded concept for limited to one per school.  Motion by Kevin, Nasrin.  Unanimously Accepted.
    • Scholarship:  Board voted to continue a resolution from last year to support NYAPPA Board Members to attend the ERAPPA conferences with up to $795 toward expenses.  This is completed as a reimbursement.
  • Old Business:  (All)
    • Updating website:  See Technology section
    • Business Partners / Corporate Affiliate Members:  George discussed in Chapter Affairs and it was all over the board with how it is done.  Jersey requires memberships.  Also SUNY PPAA will not do corporate members.  Our offers it but not specific.  Conversation was tabled and will be continued at a conference call soon.  Need to research what the SUNY objection is.
    • Recruitment / Chapter promotional efforts

Next meeting:  Via Conference Call.