Meeting Minutes 2011

NYAPPA Meeting Minutes Winter Conference
January 31, 2011

Cooperstown, NY

Attendance: Jeff Foster, Mark Frost, Bob Britton, Masoom Ali, John Shupe, Barry McHugh (minutes), George Stooks, Nasrin Parvizi, Tom Dryer.

Agenda and Discussion:

  1. Treasurer’s Report

  2. NYAPPA Board Opening – Jeff Foster / Bob Britton – Jim Pepe will retire November 2011 so Nasrin Parvizi has agreed to move up to the 1st Vice President position 6 months early that will leave the 2nd Vice President position open.  Mark Frost has declined to be considered for the position because of the complexity of the Treasurer’s position.  Bob and Jeff will comprise a list of secession and bring it to the board. Voted and past.

  3. ERAPPA 2013 hosted by NYAPPA – Yvonne Shaw, bti travel – Yvonne gave a presentation of the search committee’s review of all NY sites considered for the ERAPPA 2013 conference.  The two finalists were presentated in detail and the search committee’s final recommendation was Rochester NY.  Voted and past.  Jeff Foster nominated Barry McHugh and George Stooks as Co-chairs for the conference.  Voted and past.

  4. Web-site – Barry McHugh – the updated language changes for both the Constitution and Bi-Laws are now on the web-site for review.  A formal request and vote will take place at the summer conference.  A notice will be sent to all charter members 30 days prior to the July 12, 2011 meeting. Web-site cover page photos will now automatically connect you to that College/University’s web-site by clicking on the picture.  Jeff Foster will update the charter members of this new enhancement and ask for university marketing photos.

  5. Educational Opportunities – Jeff Foster – reviewed the success of Toolkit and working with SUNY PPA on joint opportunities in 2011 starting with the Batavia area.  Phillips Lighting Seminar was discussed for a spring educational class, Jeff and Barry will review and advise the board.

  6. List Serve – Tom Dryer – Tom supplied Barry with a hard copy and disc for all charter NYAPPA members, it needs to be reviewed and all changes must be in a formal request through Jeff Foster.

  7. Meeting schedule to date: Cooperstown re-scheduled for March 1st/2nd.  Summer Conference July 12th/13th/14th, 2011 Albany, Crowne Plaza. 

  8. Meeting adjourned, voted and past.